New Digs & a quick kitchen Before + After

December 6th, 2013


We’ve been in our new house for a month now and absolutely LOVE it! It’s been a crazy-busy month but I wanted to share some updates. Our place was in spectacular condition when we moved in and the previous owners had really taken great care of it so thankfully there weren’t any big issues we had to deal with right away. We started off by writing a list of plans for making this house our own. Mostly smaller “weekend warrior” type projects with a few bigger long-term upgrades in the works.


First off, color. It’s a small thing that can make a huge difference to making a new home feel like your own. We’ve been spending 80% of our time on the main floor so that’s where we decided to start with new paint. When we lived in our condo, we had a LOT of dark colors (my personal favorite but change is a good thing right?). For the first floor we’re going to bring in a lot of light neutral tones to brighten the space and show off the original woodwork. It’s a small house so making the space FEEL bigger is key. Here’s what we’re thinking so far.


Changing the hardware your space can also be a quick (although sometimes spendy) upgrade. Our kitchen has some lovely custom cabinetry however the metal + chain hardware just wasn’t our jam. We did some shopping around and finally settled on dark rounded square knobs from Home Depot. While I love the fancy-schamncey brand names, they will run you $7-$12 per piece EASY. In the end, price won and I’m pretty happy with how they look (please excuse the crappy iphone photos).


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