Make: Quick Camera Bag

June 20th, 2012

While planning for my upcoming trip, I knew I wanted to bring all of my camera gear but finding a comfortable/convenient way to carry it around is tough. I’ve always struggled with traditional camera bags…they’re just too tech-nerdy for me and way too cumbersome when you’ve also got a purse on the other shoulder. There are plenty of gorgeous camera bags out there, but I needed a quick fix and something that could easily convert into a purse when I opted not to pack my camera and lenses.

A minute or two of some quick googling and I found exactly what I was looking for. Ashley over at Make It and Love It posted a super simple (and cheap) tutorial on converting your purse into a camera bag. She gives great step-by-step instructions but I wanted to share my version.

The supplies are relatively minimal, really the only things I had to buy was the foam, velcro and a 2 different sized bags. Since the piece we’re making sits inside the bag and isn’t attached, go ahead and use a bag you already own if you’d rather not buy a new one (although H&M is a cheap-purse mecca).

An hour or two later and you’ve got a brand new camera bag! I love that there’s still room for a wallet/keys/phone and all your other junk along with your camera & lenses.

VELCRO SEWING TIPS: This was my first time sewing velcro and I had some issues. It took a few tries to get it right without the needle popping out. First, make sure you have a strong gauge needle to get through the velcro, a leather needle worked great for me. Also, have your tension turned up high and use your zipper presser foot when sewing along the very edge of the velcro.

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